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New Moon Reading

Here and Now:  2 of Swords

The Challenge:  6 of Swords

Last dose of Medicine:  Knight of Pentacles

The Next Step:  The Emperor 

Indecision (Two of Swords) is sometimes a self-protective behavior. I think one of the hardest places to be in is in the midst of choice, when you can really see what has brought you there and what lies ahead with that choice. The reality is that you have patterns, habits, and internal compulsions that influence your choices. In order to feel safe, in control, we often fall back on what is known and feels easier. Hence, lies the difficulty in creating new patterns, facing the fear in not knowing and not feeling in control.  Change requires us to stake our fears into our will and to move forward despite them. In the Six of Swords, there are swords struck into the front of the boat around a cloaked woman and child, a with a faceless figure rowing them. The swords, like our fears, are both the cost and gained rewards of growth to a new reality. Breaking patterns requires tuning into internal reserves of sovereignty and deciding to see oneself without blindfolds. It is then with compassionate and self-acceptance that we can make a different choice. Living through hard choices, we gain the assurance that uncomfortable feelings will not sink us. The experience of pushing through our fears (Knight of Pentacles) by putting one foot in front of the other, strengthens our resolve to make future choices that are difficult. The confidence gained (The Emperor) is in the knowing you have the authority to break your own patterns.  


2 of Swords from the Tarot of the Holy Spectrum Deck

"Our minds can create incredibly compelling narratives, and there's skill required if we want to use our intellect to our advantage and not as a means to our downfall." 

Jessica Dore- Tarot for Change

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